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How To Remove Stains and Wash Persian Rugs

When caring for your oriental rug, including stain removal and washing, it is highly recommended using an experienced and trusted name as there are special techniques involved when cleaning Persian and oriental rugs.  Adabi has been in business for almost 50 years and we use only time tested cleaning methods that protect and preserve your precious Persian rugs.

The Washington D.C. area can be very humid.  One of the biggest challenges when washing oriental rugs is drying them quickly.  Getting an oriental rug dried faster means a cleaner rug but if done incorrectly the end result can be accompanied with mold and unpleasant odor.   At Adabi Oriental Rugs, we have years of experience and access to a unique drying system in a state of the art facility to ensure the process is done correctly and the end result is excellent.

A professional oriental rug cleaning will protect your investment and enhance your rug’s appearance  by bringing out the richness of the color and the softness of the wool.  Depending on the traffic, a professional rug cleaning is recommended every one to three years.

Persian Rug Cleaning DC
Persian Rug Cleaning Northern Virginia

At Adabi, our prices are set per square foot for Persian rug cleaning and are very reasonable.  There are no gimmicks or extra charges for stains.  Providing customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost is our goal. 


When deciding where to have your handmade rug cleaned, we recommend visiting our showroom so that we can explain the process in more detail.  Please call 703-893-5151 to set up an appointment, or click here to fill out and submit an online request form.


At Adabi Oriental Rugs, we practice the art of Persian rugs and proper cleaning is a big part of our complete customer service.  We look forward to helping your protect your investment by providing the best possible cleaning service for your Persian and oriental rugs.

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