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About Us

Ali Adabi, founder of Adabi Oriental Rugs, is one of the most knowledgeable rug experts in the world. The Adabi family has been bringing the finest Oriental Rugs to our oriental rug store in Tysons Corner, Virginia for a half century. 

Ali can recall -- not that long ago – when there were no Persian rug stores in our home town of Ghoum, Iran. Rugs were a hobby of individual families. They were made during the cold winter evenings as an extra source of income or a family's own personal use and enjoyment. Each family took great pride in weaving their Oriental rugs to the highest possible standards.  Business transactions were conducted in coffee shops.  Production of carpets was so limited that rug merchants would wait around the coffee shops, and compete with other rug merchants to buy them.  Countries like Germany and the British United Kingdom were the biggest importers in those days.

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Today, almost every country is interested in the beauty and durability of these Persian Oriental rugs. We are proud to have played a part in introducing these beautiful works of art to the world. True to tradition, the Adabi family still insists on the highest quality, richest designs, and boldest colors. We are also proud to be part of the weaving process. Please look for the Adabi signature woven into every Oriental rug purchased from us. This is assurance that you own the finest and highest quality of Persian Oriental rugs available in the world today.   Adabi signature rugs are sold throughout Europe.  Visit our store, and explore our large inventory of Adabi signature Persian and Oriental rugs and carpets imported from around the world.

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